Surio’s leading cancer targeting technology, Active Tissue Targeting via Anchored ClicK Chemistry (ATTACK) was originally developed in Prof. Cheng’s research group by Dr. Hua Wang and was later led by Dr. Kaimin Cai. The ATTACK technology includes two steps (Scheme 1): 1) Cancer-specific labeling of azide (N3) on cancer cell surface by azido-sugar (Sugar-N3). N3-containing sugar is first delivered and metabolized specifically in cancer cell through the novel trigger-responsive design such that cancer cells surface would have enriched azide (N3) groups compared to the normal cell surface. 2) Targeted treatment of a dibenzocyclooctynes (DBCO)-containing therapeutic agent through highly specific DBCO-N3 Click reaction (specificity of Click reaction resembling antibody-antigen interaction). Since the cancer cell surface is modified with the artificial receptor (azide), the antibody-like DBCO can facilitate selectively accumulation of therapeutics in the tumors over normal tissues to achieve targeting enabled completely by small molecules through ATTACK.

Highlights of ATTACK:
1. ATTACK inserts artificial antigens on cancer cell surface. It treats antibody untargetable cancers.
2. ATTACK is a purely small molecule based targeting technology.
3. 10-100 times higher antigen copy per cell than endogenous antigens.
4. ATTACK is a platform technology suitable for delivery of different therapeutics/diagnostic probes.

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